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Polymath and potterer, welcome to my portfolio career!

I graduated from the University of Bristol in 1999 with a BSc in Geology and spent three years working at an outdoor education centre in Dorset (now part of PGL). I taught geology and geography to GCSE and A Level students plus a variety of Key Stage 2 & 3 modules. I became Assistant Manager of the Field Studies Department, training instructors and writing bespoke teaching modules for A Level and GCSE students

From 2003 to 2010 I worked for the Environment Agency originally as a regulation and enforcement officer, then as a technical specialist in waste management and finally as a team manager. I loved training  staff, managing pollution incident response and overseeing criminal investigations.

I left the Agency in 2010 for a short career break. It didn’t really turn out to be much of a break and in that time I studied for a graduate certificate in Theology and trained with the Open University in digital photography. I also ran a church office for a year, slogged for 6 months in a restaurant kitchen and managed a physiotherapy clinic. I helped create the One Can Trust foodbank; I am a director and trustee of the charity and our main project is a sustainable food bank. I focus on the Trust’s communications, design and manage the website and social media and oversee press relations.

I’m now a fundraiser Embrace the Middle East and have traveled to the Middle East as a photographer.

I have had images published by digital camera magazines, charities and various local publications. I sing after a fashion and lead a Brownie Pack.

I’m an auntie and Godmum, a daughter, a sister and I’m married to R.

I named this blog ‘seeds of belonging’ after a line in the book ‘The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass: The Church Weekend‘ and it reflects whatever is drawing my attention at any given time!

All opinions and endorsements on this site are mine and do not reflect any policies of my employer.


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