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Welcome to my little blog type thing. I named this blog ‘seeds of belonging’ after a line in the book ‘The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass: The Church Weekend‘ and it reflects whatever is drawing my attention at any given time!

I’m a photographer,  long distance walker and lead a Brownie Pack. I’m an auntie and Godmum, a daughter, a sister and married to Rob. I’m a fundraiser and marketing manager at a local charity fighting homelessness.

I have a BSc in Geology and spent a few years living and working at an outdoor education centre on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset teaching geology and geography in the best outdoor lab in the world!

I worked for the government for a long time then took what was meant to be a short career break to recover from the stress. It didn’t really turn out to be much of a break and since then I have studied Theology, digital photography, run a church office, spent six months in a restaurant kitchen and a number of years managing a physiotherapy clinic. I helped set up a charity that operates a foodbank and was a trustee there for 8 years. I have also done my time in digital comms and fundraising in an international development charity which took me to the Middle East.

All opinions and endorsements on this site are mine and do not reflect any policies of my employer.

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