34 for 40

Back in January 2018 I thought about making a bucket list for the year I turned 40, but they’ve never really done it for me – I don’t do well with having too many goals. I took time instead to reflect on amazing things I’ve already had the chance to do and it made me very grateful.

So I decided to keep a record of things I did this year that really made me happy, or helped me grow/be grateful. Some were planned as special things for our 40th year and were things I’ve always wanted to do/try, some came our way via friends, some – I have no idea but they’re lovely to remember. List and photos below. Of course, 40 for 40 would have been funnier, but this list is more than enough! List and photos below.

  1. Read a lot of books by women and only women
  2. Planted bulbs, dug a wildflower bed, and looked after our garden
  3. Start using my proper camera again – my phone has a great camera but I much prefer the skills and thought involved in using my DSLR.
  4. Took part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and became a bit of a twitcher
  5. Looked at the moon through our telescope a lot
  6. Visited Adam’s Farm
  7. Made wild garlic pesto from the crop that grows in Mum’s garden
  8. Visited Parliament – a reception to highlight the work Christians are doing in the Middle East
  9. Visited a bunch of Bucks Art Weeks studios/exhibitions
  10. Visited St Tiggywinkles (hedgehog and wild animal sanctuary – very local and I’d never been!)
  11. Kayaked with the family
  12. Sorted out the garden pond – and spent time just watching things living in it including frogs, larvae and other freshwater creatures
  13. Joined a church ‘properly’
  14. Visited Kop Hill Climb (v v local I’d never been!)
  15. Visited Marrakesh
  16. Put my nose stud back in
  17. Made meditation a daily habit
  18. Kept up my bullet journal
  19. Trained myself to like lots of foods that are good for me but that I’ve never enjoyed so I can widen my diet. Includes sweetcorn, olives, and lots of soft fruits
  20. Went to Venice
  21. Stepped down from being a trustee at the foodbank
  22. Saw live dance at Sadler’s Wells
  23. Visited Bletchley Park
  24. Became an auntie again
  25. Joined BBOWT and went on orchid walks, spotting my first Musk Orchid
  26. Trained to be a river-fly monitor
  27. Partook of a bunch of women’s rights activism and environmental craftivism
  28. Managed to totally surprise Rob with his ‘Keeper for a Day’ birthday gift
  29. Sadly said byeee to my friend but booked in to see her soon in Nova Scotia
  30. Had some great times with friends (our birthday, Rinfest)
  31. Loved that we had distinct seasons – spent a lot of the very hot summer in our garden
  32. Found a new favourite tree
  33. Had knafeh birthday cake (a traditional Palestinian treat)
  34. Had drinkies with my lovely team at the top of the Oxo Tower, London


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