40 things: a reverse bucket list

heather geologyAs is somewhat obligatory as people reach milestone birthdays, I started the whole “what 40 things should I do to celebrate my 40th”.  Not intending to do lots of things in the next 7 weeks, but over the next year, and not doing things for the sake of hitting 40 things but just because it would be good to have a go – no feeling guilty for not doing it, no arbitrary meaningless targets, but a bit of fun.

I asked friends on and offline for ideas and what struck me was how bloody blessed my life has been so far. So before I go any further with picking 40 things to do in my ’40th year’ I wanted to recognise and celebrate 40 things already done…

I want to look back before looking forward…so in no particular order and definitely not exhaustive…

  1. Graduated with honours (Geology)
  2. Travelled to many, many places
  3. Become a long distance walker including completing the 50km of the Thames Path in less than 12 hours, Hadrian’s Wall Path and the Great Glen Way.
  4. Lived by the sea
  5. Learned to ski
  6. Visited 30+ UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  7. Been on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land – and learned about the conflict there that has changed me forever.
  8. Had my photographs published (and not just for free in the local paper but in stuff people pay for)
  9. Talked at Greenbelt (been on the bill)
  10. Been a best man, and a bridesmaid and a God Mum (4 times over although I’m a bit rubbish at it!)
  11. Studied post grad (theology)
  12. Fell in love and got married
  13. Photographed a wedding (never again – too stressful)
  14. Took Mum to Buckingham Palace for a tea party
  15. Helped set up a charity
  16. Visited refugee camps and met the people who live there
  17. Quit a job (I loved but was no good for me)
  18. Slept in a log cabin on the side of the Athabasca river in Canada
  19. Seen the Northern Lights
  20. Met people from two of my fave bands and thanked them for their impact on my life (without totally embarrassing myself)
  21. Washed my hair in a waterfall
  22. Been interviewed on Radio 4 (and of course the fabulous Wycombe Sound)
  23. Cycled the Bristol to Bath cycle path
  24. Sat on the KT Boundary (as in the rock layer where the meteorite hit that ‘killed the dinosaurs’)
  25. Lived on my own
  26. Sung a solo in front of 300+ people
  27. Seen whales in the wild
  28. Been to the Olympics
  29. Flown in a 4 seater jet plane
  30. Planted and hugged lots of trees
  31. Slept outside, right under the stars and not in a tent
  32. Learned that ‘no’ is not a bad word
  33. Stood in front of a Turner for an hour and come away changed
  34. Had afternoon tea at the Ritz, London
  35. Completed an OU course in photography
  36. Asked for help for my mental health when I needed it
  37. Learned, and used, first aid
  38. Seen a comet, and a total solar eclipse
  39. Made great friends I’ve known since I was a child, and some I haven’t
  40. Am an auntie which is the best job ever

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