#Janathon: Day 4 Colouring in

colouring in 001Nope, exercise didn’t happen today. I’ve been feeling very poorly and spent most of the day on the sofa except for a quick trip to Mum’s when husband and I put her Christmas decorations away in the loft, so if you think that counts, cool 🙂

Back in my management speak days I was often defined as a completer/finisher, someone who enjoys crossing the ts and dotting the is on projects. I used to feel a failure if I didn’t complete everything I started. That was taking into account I started and said “yes” to way too much to be healthy.  My self-esteem was dependent on being busy all the time and being seen as indispensable. Things change, I’ve changed and I won’t be beating myself up if I don’t exercise every day in #Janathon. I aim to do it, I want to do it, but I won’t feel guilty if I don’t perfect it.

With all this in my mind, I picked up my new colouring in book instead and coloured in my first page. This new craze for “adult colouring in” was suggested as a great exercise in mindfulness. Mindfulness, and in particular meditation, is not emptying of the mind, but concentrating on one thing at one time which is definitely a skill I need to cultivate.  I concentrated and took care, but have not been grumpy because I went outside the lines! I have even left parts that probably look like they need colouring in white.

Yes, it is just a fun colouring book, but it is also helping me shed the weight of perfectionism and self-criticism and competitiveness.

The colouring in book I’m using is Secret Garden: An inky treasure hunt and colouring in book by Johanna Basford (available at Waterstones.)


8 thoughts on “#Janathon: Day 4 Colouring in

  1. Mindfulness is called mindfullness and not mindemptyness for a reason ;-). It’s not about thinking nothing, but noticing. Attempt at profundity finishes here x

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