#Janathon day 3: encouragement

Only a mile walk to the shop and back today, but pretty good as I’m developing a head cold and it was cold, raining and dark by the time I could get out. My body didn’t like the exposure much, but my brain loved the bimble. I wrapped up warm, wore my husband’s woolly hat, which is probably why the checkout dude at the shop wished me a good day, but called me sir. Boom.

I was telling some friends yesterday about Janathon and was asked why do the SocMed side of it, why not just do the exercise. Firstly, I find myself accountable to the people who may (or may not) be reading this blog or my tweets and that helps me stick to the challenge. Secondly, when I tweeted about my reluctance to exercise outside today I received some lovely encouragement and virtual* pom pom waving from other Janathon participants. It was because of that encouragement I went outside today and why now I’m feeling glad that I did, than sitting feeling rubbish that I didn’t!

*It could have been real pom pom waving!


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