#Janathon day 2

I almost made my full 10 minutes on the bike this morning at the clinic, but the phone went so I had to jump off and there were only 20 seconds left so I didn’t get back on. It takes me that long to sort my feet in the straps! Cycled almost 3km in that time though so that was good. The cycling is very good for my knee, the improvement since starting doing it every other day has been amazing. Haven’t had access to the bike as regularly over Christmas and New Year and when I was in the clinic I was being rubbish.

I also managed a 25 minute walk around town, slaloming between the shoppers and a few rest minutes perusing the wares in Waterstones. I resisted books but spent the last of my Christmas present money in Paperchase on sale bits, stickers, badges and a new pencil case. I’ve bought a few colouring in books and some pens and pencils to help me put down the devices and be mindful. More on that soon.


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