Gift ideas for Christmas #3 Kids special

nesboSomething often overlooked as Christmas presents for children are books! Don’t forget book tokens or even second hand stores.  Oxfam have a great range of books for children online.




chamelonFrom dinosaurs to science exploration kits, via make your own bow and arrow, to glow in the dark star maps, Ethical Superstore has everything imaginative (and that’s all of them) kids could want. Plus, you know, ethical!




owlShared Earth sell a gorgeous range of handmade, fair trade crafts including puppets, sensational mobiles and wall hangings, rucksacks and more. Their products come from all over the world including Asia, Africa and South America.



And finally the popular Horrible Science sets from Galt Toyhorrible sceince s are fantabidosie! Bouncy Eyeballs, Violent Volcanoes and Slippery Slime will keep children entertained – and you get to join in and have fun too!





lettoysYou may have noted my suggestions are all from companies that don’t categorise their toys by gender. Have a look at the fabulous Let Toys Be Toys campaign who explain better than I can why this is important. They have a list of retailers who have received their Toymark Good Practice Award.

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One thought on “Gift ideas for Christmas #3 Kids special

  1. Thanks for featuring Ethical Superstore! We LOVE the waste not kits, they’re fab activities for a rainy day 🙂 We’re big fans of the ‘Let Toys Be Toys’ campaign too!

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