Gift ideas for Christmas #2

choc calendaI scoured the High Street looking for a fair trade chocolate advent calendar for my better half. Couldn’t find one. Thankfully the ever wonderful Traidcraft have a lovely range and only £3.99. They’ve got  a sale on their Christmas decorations. Have a look!

Earlier this year I won a Mothering Sunday hamper from Artisan Valley mum and hamperwhich as you can see, my Mum loved. Artisan Valley support small scale food manufacturers and farmers at a local level as well as working with businesses to help them grow their own market. On top of that, their food and drinks are scrummy. If you’re local to the Chilterns and the Thames Valley or want to experience some of our delights, these hampers are for you!

hollyThe overwhelming smell might give you a migraine as you pass the shop, but there’s no denying Lush goodies are a wonderful treat for the body and mind. The Christmas range is full of sparkle and ironically alcohol free (in most instances.) I first encountered Lush a few weeks before my 21st birthday and ended up under a mountain of presents from them as I begged everyone I knew to treat me! Still ethically aware  with vegetarian goods, excellent packaging ethos, ethical buying policies, animal friendly, with lots of oat, soya and almond milk alternatives and utterly gorgeous and fun.  I still miss their hot milk solid bubble bath….bring it back!

How about treating someone to an Adult Education course? My County Council support a dazzling array of courses. Someone you know might be struggling with low self esteem or loneliness and a course could help them meet people and encourage them through building their confidence in their own abilities. Or maybe you know someone looking to develop a new skill to begin a business that could bring in a few extra pounds. The courses include  from flower arranging, photography, dressmaking, yoga, cookery, hairdressing, English language,  foreign languages, maths, IT, exploring local history, cake decorating, plumbing, writing, woodcarving… I could go on! Maybe you could go along with someone before Christmas and learn to make wreaths, jewellery and decorations.

See Gift ideas for Christmas #1 here. #3 will be a kids gift special.


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