Thames Path: Windsor to Staines

coffeeEvery good walking day should start with a review of the route and a humungous cup of coffee.

We parked at Windsor Riverside & Eton station – £4 all day on a Saturday and a 2 minute walk from the town centre – bargain!

We then bimbled up into Windsor to grab breakfast and then easily began the walk as the Path runs straight through the town.

home park and castle

View across Home Park to Windsor Castle

This stretch of the path is truly lovely, even under the flight path to Heathrow. It wanders through Hope Park across which there are great views of indsor Castle. The river meanders west and  the trail swaps bank a couple of times as you cross the Victoria and Albert bridges.

My urbanite husband was amused at just how rural the route felt given its proximity to London, Heathrow and the M25, under which you pass. The path was overgrown in places, but still very well signposted.

A highlight and potential detour is at Runnymede, and National Trust historic site where the Magna Carta was signed and location of a memorial to John F Kennedy. There’s also Runnymede Pleasure Grounds, where we got a long overdue ice cream and chance to sit by the river.

We made it to Staines in about 3 hours (this is an 8 mile stretch – we ate ice creams!) The most difficult part of the day was locating Staines Train station. Ignore the signage in the town, what there is of it, and just ask a local. We then grabbed a train back to Windsor and Eton Railways station, a 15 minute direct service for £4.20 each.


Magna Carta Memorial at Runnymede

Magna Carta Memorial at Runnymede


Under the M25 bridge

Under the M25 bridge


View downstream from Victoria Bridge

View downstream from Victoria Bridge


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