New Blog: Tawny’s Tales

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Proudly announcing the launch of a new blog: Tawny’s Tales: sharing ideas for Brownie Guiders.

I’ve been mulling for a while about this as a project and after a really positive response on Twitter this week about glow in the dark bowling we did as part of a blackout night for the Big Brownie Birthday badge, I thought it was about time to get cracking.

I love being involved in Guiding; it hits many of my nails on the head. It is voluntary work, making a difference directly into people’s lives, social action and working with girls and young women. Oh and it is bloody good fun.

I’ll be sharing ideas that hopefully will help other Brownie Guide leaders. I know I really appreciate it when people share ideas and experiences that help me plan well. It can be really easy to fall into a “oh crap what have we got in the craft box” routine. The three leaders at our unit decided we needed to break that habit and we’re really aiming to make 1st Booker Brownies the best on the planet! Well, we’re giving it a go and none of us can do it alone so Tawny’s Tales was born.


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