365: done!

365 fnishAnd so my 365 photo project comes to an end.

The last 365 days have seen 4 weddings and a baby (not ours!), lots of Brownie related fun and far too many photos of cats. A poorly car, quite a few glasses of wine and many photos of what I eat. There’s been a ski trip, Butlins, the Great Glen Way and the north Cornish coast. Lots of time with family and a few proper photo assignments. It has been an outstanding year in so many ways.

There have also been difficult times. Between us Rob and I have had 5 jobs in the last 12 months and Rob’s looking for another one as I type. We’ve left a church and had to let go of a bundle of other things we love.  There’s been illness and stress, and from now on a promise not to hide the bad stuff.

But I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, thank you to everyone who has ever liked and commented on the 365 but more over generally encouraged me throughout the year whether about photos or other stuff. I appreciate you all.


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