Sunday Stuff 8/9/13

heather geologySometimes I remember that I’m a scientist and a geologist at that, hence the photo! Here is a great blog called Frack Land. Their FAQ provides some facts and food for thought. I’m not coming down on either side of the fence on Fracking, straddling it quite nicely for now.

I was pleased to see Marin Alsop become the first woman ever to conduct the Last Night of the Proms in its 118-year history. At nine years old her violin teacher told her that “girls don’t do that”, but she persevered and said her success was partly down to her “incredibly supportive” parents.

I am still saddened that we tell our children they can or can’t do something because of their gender. I think this is one of those debates we complicate but should really be quite simple. We shouldn’t ignore our gender, but we should remember we are so much more than it alone. Limiting anyone limits our future.

Speaking of which, fantastic news this week that pressure from the Let Toys be Toys  campaign has resulted in Toys R Us finally moving to end gender specific marketing in their stores.

Some fun from Patheos: Ten things Christians should say more Make sure you also look at the sister blog, ten things Christians should say less!

No. 2: “How can I help?” – Sometimes we have a bad habit of diagnosing problems and coming up with the solution without actually sitting down and talking with the folks we’re supposedly helping. Though well intended, this can come off as arrogant, and can also end up being a waste of time and resources. Yes, it’s more vulnerable to ask an open-ended question like “How can I help?’ since the answer might require much more of us than we planned on. But that’s the risk of doing real servant work.

Tweets of the week:

Ferg Breen: @micahjmurray I’m pretty certain a ‘high view of scripture’ means an emphasis on the word that became paper & not the word that became flesh

Louis Barfe: Jamie Oliver’s new £26 cookbook is called Save With Jamie. Thanks, I will. Straight off, I can see one £26 saving I’ll be making.

Christian Muslim : Chris Hewer: ‘I may not agree with everything that #Islam teaches but I need to understand it to build a relationship with my neighbour.’

Richard Rohr, OFM ‏ True Kingdom people bridge worlds and do not again create separate or superior little kingdoms.


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