Cornwall: Re-creation

I just returned from a short break in beautiful Cornwall. Below is a photo of Polzeath beach at sunset. Even as the air temperature dropped the surf was teeming with hardy sea lovers.  I had neglected to take my swimming cossie with me but I will next time!


Polzeath Beach

I spent a lot of time in Cornwall as a child and have revisited many times since but this was my first stay in the north. I camped a few feet from my friend’s family caravan and was warmly welcomed in to sit, eat,drink and play with their 16 month old daughter, who is officially one of my favourite people on the planet.

Daymer Bay, North Cornwall

Something I have learned over the last few years is how to relax on a holiday. I try to make my recreation a real period of re-creation. I still sometimes need to rush around seeing everything there is to see and fill my day from start to finish. I have favoured city breaks and short breaks that were cheap, hotels that were bargain basement and a bit manky because I never intended to spend any time in them.  When I went to Gozo in September 2010 with my soon to be hubby, he was worried I’d be bored out of my skin on what is basically a rock. I was nervous about that too, but being at my very lowest ebb, with a highly stressful job I found myself utterly and surprisingly relaxing, not even picking up a book, on what turned out to be one of my favourite holidays. I remembered what it was to not be stressed and even shortly thereafter quit my job!


Geraniums in Padstow

Friends walking to Padstow

Friends walking to Padstow

I now try to build periods of non-activity, or low maintenance activity into every holiday. In Cornwall we walked along the beach, hiked along the South West Coastal Path for a few challenging miles. We walked and caught the ferry to Padstow and had a barbecue on the beach. But I spent a lot of time just sitting, playing with my little buddy and not doing much of anything which rocked.

I realised again that letting myself be recreated and relaxed by God’s creation itself, people and the planet is enough sometimes. Chats with friends, jigsaws with infants, barbecues as the sun sets, yummy fish and chips and Cornish Ice cream. Some of God’s finest creations impart his love to me in ways that I adore.

I was reminded of the call to God’s people that they are blessed to be a blessing. I think that is what I feel again after this weekend. That I am thoroughly blessed by creation, friends, the planet, children, the ocean and my body. I am refreshed and hope to be more balanced and generous again with my time now I have more energy.


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