We have this treasure

Jars of Clay

This is Jars of Clay, my all time favourite band. They are a Christian bunch from the States and have rarely played in the UK. At the rather fabulous event, Big Church Day Out I was able to see them for the only second time in the *ahem* almost 20 years I’ve been a fan.

My spirituality is an ever changing beast, but the music and lyrics of these guys have been a constant friend and teacher along my journey.

That all sounds very existential but it is true. Each album they’ve released has been different from the previous: some contain love songs, some are community builders. Some are just downright pure worship songs. Real worship songs that sing of the glory of God, not about the singer and how God makes them feel, which of course have their place too but….

I had the honour of being able to meet the band yesterday and say thank you to them all for the impact their music and lyrics, and their example, has set for me and how they’ve been a major encouragement to a young woman in the UK from a few thousand miles away for a long time.

I also have to admit to the sheer giggly joy I experienced when, on them asking me my name and saying Heather….two of them paused and simultaneously asked my surname. On hearing it they both exclaimed “you’re on Twitter” and we continued to talk about a random conversation we had on Twitter a few days back which had made me giddy enough on its own. I think I managed to retain my dignity but I can’t be sure! I dashed round the corner before I got all teary. Husband thought it was the funniest thing he has ever seen! I know it is daft, but it just made me feel valued as a fan. I hope I expressed how much I value their impact on me.


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