Sunday Stuff 28/4/13

Cardiac Risk in the Young A shorter list of offerings than usual but it has been a hectic week. There won’t be an installment next Sunday as I’m off to walk the Great Glen way for charity from Wednesday. If you’d like to sponsor us, we’re walking to raise money for Cardiac Risk in the Young, a wonderful charity that screens young people for heart problems and supports friends and families of those who have been bereaved by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. 12 young people (under 30) a week die unexpectedly. That’s 12.

You can sponsor us on our Just Giving site. Thank you.

Article that ‘isn’t really new news but needs careful consideration’ of the week:

Isolated: single Christians feel unsupported by family-focused churchesWomen not in steady relationship ‘treated as threats to couples’ at The Independent by Jonathan Brown

My own church makes a lot of effort to get families in the door and I think, as a consequence, can ignore other age groups at the same time. Many in their 20/30s have arrived over the last 2 years, but many have also left straight away again. I think people who want certain activities provided should be willing to help provide them, not just expect them to be laid on. I am also not a big fan in general of age group or gender based groups, preferring to have interest based activities that welcome anyone and everyone, through which a much more natural community is likely to be born. But there is a lot to think about here.

Figures from the last census reveal that single people now make up the majority of households in the UK. More than 500,000 single person households have been created in the past decade with the number of single adults reaching 15.7m

Mr Pullinger added:  “This is a time bomb for the church. All their natural contact points with the community tend to be with families – people coming forward for marriage, births and through Sunday school and church groups. They have to take seriously singles aged over 30 and think how they can reach out and embrace them and start to make it an attractive place for people to come.”

Blog that made me laugh and sigh all at the same time: 10 of the worst examples of management-speak:  Only if you have the core competencies will you be able to action the key deliverables by Steven Poole at The Guardian

Going forward:  Top of many people’s hate list is this now-venerable way of saying “from now on” or “in future”. It has the rhetorical virtue of wiping clean the slate of the past (perhaps because “mistakes were made”), and implying a kind of thrustingly strategic progress, even though none is likely to be made as long as the working day is made up of funereal meetings where people say things like “going forward”.


Tweets of the week:

‏@Praxeas: The degradation of the “pastoral” to “acute-need-responsive” irks me. If “pastoral liturgy” becomes “ambulance liturgy” it’s a train smash.

@DrGaryT: Trusting God is not simply asking Him to bless what we want & are already doing.

‏@CharityComms: How can you make people care about your cause without making them feel weird or guilty? #cclanguage

‏@waltonandy#Primark is killing people in Balgladesh, yet British people still jump on the tube with Primark bags bursting at the seams #capitalism

@VirtuousAbbey: For the passive-aggressive Lord, we would pray. But we won’t. No, really, why bother. It’s fine. Just. Fine.

‏@jonanamary: Director of SPUC on #equalmarriage: “We must act now to prevent our country descending into centuries of barbarism” – oh, do #SPUCoff

‏@ivanwhite48: Vote UKIP – if you’re mad enough to believe that 3 million Bulgarians are on their way to Eastleigh (there are only 7.5 million in Bulgaria)

@DPMoffice: Nick Clegg: Marriage should be for all. Excellent that French Parliament approves #equalmarriage law. Let’s make sure UK is next.

‏@Twurchsteward: Make it stop ! #retweetingchristiancelebplatitudes



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