Sunday Stuff 14/4/13

sorryI suspect people will be expecting big rants from me this week on the FAOC article on marriage. The rant is probably coming, but isn’t here yet! *Phew* I hear you all cry!

The *That said…..* post of the week: Changing Notions of Traditional Marriage by Sally Steenland

The notion of traditional marriage that these conservatives are so vigorously defending is not historically accurate. Pundit Bill Kristol recently fell into this trap when he complained that supporters of marriage equality want to overthrow “thousands of years of history and what the great religions teach” about marriage.

In actuality, traditional marriage — as it existed centuries ago — is not worth defending.

In 1864 a North Carolina court heard the case of a woman abused by her husband because she had called him names. The court ruled that: A husband is responsible for the acts of his wife, and he is required to govern his household, and for that purpose the law permits him to use towards his wife such a degree of force as is necessary to control an unruly temper and make her behave herself; and unless some permanent injury be inflicted, or there be an excess of violence, or such a degree of cruelty as shows that it is inflicted to gratify his own bad passions, the law will not invade the domestic forum, or go behind the curtain.

The *oh my goodness, no quote will do this justice* column of the week. Please, if you read nothing else from these recommendations this week, take 2 minutes to read this. The title doesn’t reflect the breadth of content.  We were a large family raised on public handouts who were gentle and normal’ by Caitlin Moran at The Saturday Times.  You’ll need link 1 and link 2.

The *whoop whoop* article of the week The Sorry State of the Apology at Christianity Today.  Some of you might be aware of how angry I get at non-apology apologies. At some point soon I am going to dedicate a part of this blog to them! In the meantime, this brilliant piece gives some sound advice on how to apologise and how to spot when you’re being blamed and fobbed off for things that aren’t your fault. Point 9 is a killer!

The non-apology apology we often hear reflects our natural tendency to deflect. Our boys were great at this when they were young; “I’m sorry for giving you a bloody nose but I didn’t mean it.” Remove the words if, but, and that was not my intention from your apology because they transfer responsibility to the offended. It doesn’t really matter if you didn’t mean it. You did or said it. Own it and don’t blame anyone else for your missteps.

Article that ticked my *Gender stereotyping* boxes  Pink Lego is an abomination. End this gender fascism

In many shops, it is actually impossible to buy anything for a girl that is not pink. To wit: Lego Friends. Why on earth does Lego have to be gendered? For decades, the bricks alone were enough to fuel hours of imaginative play. In 2013, however, girls can either decorate their home, bake cupcakes, or get their hair done. That’s it. All this, added to sexualised clothing and make-up for young girls, amounts to nothing short of gender fascism. And it stinks.

If this interested you I suggest getting involved at Thinking Aloud, where @nembow (who also happens to be my sister) is discussing the issue.

You could also follow the wonderful Let toys be toys campaign on Twitter or Facebook.

Another week, another article about the welfare state in Britain.  Benefits in Britain: separating the facts from the fiction at The Guardian. This one is from the Jospeh Rowntree foundation which has appeased some folk who don’t like the statistics and reports being released by Church groups.

What percentage of the UK’s adult population is dependent on the welfare state?

The welfare state is a big part of British family life, with 20.3 million families receiving some kind of benefit (64% of all families), about 8.7 million of them pensioners. For 9.6 million families, benefits make up more than half of their income (30% of all families), around 5.3 million of them pensioners. The number of families receiving benefits will be between 1 and 2 million fewer now because of changes to child tax credits that mean some working families who previously got a small amount now get nothing.

Tweets of the week

@RickWarren  Someone on the internet sold Matthew an unregistered gun.I pray he seeks God’s forgiveness. I forgive him. #MATTHEW 6:15*

*Pastor Rick Warren’s son committed suicide earlier this week. This tweet is inspiring.

@realpipwilson * I asked God to grant me patience. God said “No”, Patience is a byproduct of tough-times; it isn’t granted, it is earned.

@revgareth To not expect the presence of God in the workplace, is a theology of church gatherings not the Kingdom of God.

@fragmentz Still chuckling at kid at #sh2013 asking why we had to sing ‘we welcome you with praise’ for 9 mins and couldnt we have just said it once?

@markrhewerdine what do we want? The right to be fickle! When do we want it? We don’t!

@BiIIMurray My iPhone has 2 million times the storage of the 1969 Apollo 11 spacecraft computer. They went to the moon. I throw birds at pig houses.


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