Things that make me mad #6 Rejoicing over death


I was born the year before Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and was only 11 when she stepped down.  I have vague memories of her term of office but nothing more. My mum was a fan while dad vehemently disliked her.

In the past 36 hours she’s been described over and over again as the first female Prime Minister. ‘Only’ would be more correct. She may not have described herself as a feminist, but to see a woman hold such a position of power did have an impact on me. I remember that much.

I always try to buy a paper when it holds something considered historic news and today was no exception. Why this event makes it into my “Things that make me mad” series is because I’ve been sickened by some of the ‘rejoicing and celebrating’ going on over her death. Hate her actions and politics, fine, but people who go out on the streets to dance over the death of any human needs to take a long, hard look at themselves. That I’ve seen Christians amongst them makes me even madder, especially as Baroness Thatcher was one too.


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