Sunday Stuff 7/4/13


I was away at Spring Harvest for most of this week and could have posted so many tit bits and wonderful quotes and tweets. I will use those and the thoughts they are provoking in me to make other posts on this blog, so for now, my usual best bits of the week with new added categorisation of choices.

Best ‘Busting lies’ article of the week : Benefits in Britain: separating the facts from the fiction at the Guardian. Exposing more lies about poverty, this article brings facts from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and more. Have a read to find out how many people really are dependent on welfare and whether families where three generations have never worked really exist?

For 2011-12 it is estimated that 0.8%, or £1.2bn, of total benefit expenditure was overpaid as a result of fraud. This is far lower than the figures widely believed by the public, as revealed repeatedly in opinion polls. A TUC poll recently revealed that people believe 27% of the welfare budget is claimed fraudulently.

 The ‘Couldn’t Believe It When I Read It’ blog of the week: Georgia High School to host first integrated prom.

Students at one south Georgia high school share classrooms and sports fields; but, they don’t share the same prom. The school holds one prom for white students and another for students of color.

“We’re embarrassed, it’s embarrassing, yeah it’s kind of embarrassing,” said student Stephanie Sinnot.

Stephanie and three other friends say they do everything together, except going to prom.

“We are all friends. That’s just kind of not right that we can’t go to prom together,” said student Keela Bloodworth.

Proper ‘Laugh out Loud’ post of the week: The Beaker folk of Husbourne Crawley present: Mixed Motives in Worship Attendance

Asked what the best part of the service was, 70% said “the Worship”. Thus betraying woeful theological deficiencies which would be supported by the mere 5% who said “the Preaching”. The 25% who said “The end” were not considered statistically significant.

Best blog by a new friend: Be, Say, Do –reassessing by Laura Upchurch

I believe we all have a natural filter, things we say and things that we hold back. I realise now that I have often held back in encouragement. I do and have always encouraged but not enough. I have remained silent when I could have brought words that would have helped and uplifted others. This is something I want to change. I have also stayed silent when I should have made sure my voice was one to be heard. This is also something I want to work on.

‘Stand up and applaud’ post of the week: Dear George Osborne, I Am Not A Sociopath at A GIRL CALLED JACK

You talk about excesses and abuses (and to my knowledge no Member of Parliament has murdered his or her children), but to read the Judges speech at Mick Philpotts sentencing today shows a deep, dark insight into the life of a man for whom money may have been a motivating factor, but not the only one. A man obsessed with his young mistress, a man to whom the idea of ‘heroically’ saving his children from a house fire that he started himself. This is not the behaviour of an ordinary man, and should not be used as an example to castigate us all. If you use benefits as a factor, you may as well use his hair colour, or the first initial of his name, for all the relevance it has to his mindset.

Tweets of the week:

Beautiful Human ‏@realpipwilson2h

* I asked God to grant me patience. God said “No”, Patience is a byproduct of tough-times; it isn’t granted, it is earned.


‘I’ before ‘E’ except when there’s a feisty heist on weird beige foreign neighbours reinventing protein at their leisure.


I don’t about you, but when my nan claims winter fuel allowance, I often think “you’re capable of murdering your family”.


‘You’ve done something I’ve never seen before: modernised without going all happy clappy. Well done!’ Best after service comment ever!

One from me! @heatherstanley_

“If your church is going to be torn apart by anything, let it be love, not who is right and wrong.” Gerrard Kelly #SH2013


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