My online wills and will nots

compI’ve had a presence online since the mid ’90s when we first my Dad, always ahead of the curve, plonked a PC the size of a fridge in our loft. Getting online required dragging a telephone cable up the ladder, plugging it in, calling a local ISP and waiting 20 minutes for a connection. I have written this blog on my phone in my chalet at Butlins!

As time and technology progresses, I find myself comfortable in an online environment but as with offline, it can be a tricky place to be genuine and to remain positive and encouraging.

In an attempt to smooth the way I have written some online will and will nots. I shall try to stick to them! What do you think? Have I missed anything?

10 I wills

  1. I will look for places of unity
  2. I will seek to learn from people who don’t think the same way I do
  3. I will sit on the fence with authority
  4. I will remember what I say is not necessarily what is heard
  5. I will be passionate
  6. I will tell stories
  7. I will embody a message, not push it on people
  8. I will encourage, especially so people can be themselves however they choose to communicate
  9. I will remember to listen graciously
  10. I will remember the source of all things is God

10 will nots

  1. I will not tweet Bible verses as platitudes 😉
  2. I not forget Google is a commercial venture and so will seek recommendations through people I trust
  3. I will not be passive aggressive, in particular assuming I’m the only one contemplating certain things and that it is my duty to get people to act/think
  4. I will not use jargon, especially Christianese
  5. I will not force people to give up their anonymity
  6. I will not forget there is a person in front of every keyboard and every single one of them was made by and is loved.
  7. I will not assume that what Good News means to me is what it means to someone else
  8. I will not always be available to everyone
  9. I will not sit in an online ivory tower
  10. I will never forget who my neighbour is


With thanks and many credits to Dr Bex Lewis and the members of the #Clickzone at Spring Harvest.


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