Sunday Stuff 31/3/13 Easter Sunday

rethinkSomething I’ve been thinking about a lot recently is evangelism (such as it is to me) and how it as a way of living my faith,  is actually helping to meet the needs of my community (such as I understand it to be). The two articles I plumped for sharing this week address two very different issues, but not really. How do I love people in a way that will actually make a difference to those who are being persecuted right on my doorstep by our own government.

I’m also starting with a tweet because it summarises this all nicely.

Kevin EllisGood Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter, Benefit Cuts Monday. The first three only make sense if we work against the latter or nothing changes.

The Gospel is not a behaviour control programme at Relevant magazine.  I whooped at the end of this article!

Although we often fuse the two, Jesus never makes sinlessness a prerequisite for salvation. My suspicion is that, if we’re unflinchingly honest, we are often more concerned about behavior modification than we are about individuals encountering the presence of a loving God. I wonder if we want people to clean up their act more than we want people to know the love and grace of God.

Benefit cuts: Monday will be the day that defines this government at the Guardian. This article hits many of my buttons, the hypocrisy of our Government, the damaging coverage (or not) of these matters by the media, benefit changes you probably don’t know about and how from Monday many people who already have next to nothing are going to have less. No quote does the article justice so read it all.

Tweets of the week:

@symonhill: Supporters of food vouchers say poor people might use money badly, but more problems caused by rich people using money badly

@Bible Twits Say.. “I may be late to the party but King James of KJV Bible fame was gay” (Not only are you late to the party, but you went to the wrong house.)

@Alan Scott : “We shouldn’t ask for a faith that passes all understanding and then act surprised when we don’t understand it all” @bobgoff

@Stephen Cherry: My list of modern deadly sins, in ascending order of toxicity: niceness, busyness, grumbling, perfectionism, envy, control-freakery.


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