Things that make me mad: #5 Propaganda about poverty

Foodbank shelves

I just read, re-read and ranted in my own head at this article in the Huffington Post where Conservative councillor for York Chris Steward told the York Press:

“The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget (an issue where schools should do much more and I have said the council should) or don’t want to, to have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc.

My online rant is purely going to take the form of a few questions.

1. How do you budget nothing following the loss of breadwinner, illness, redundancy, or cessation of benefit support as punishment* or bureaucratic snafu?

2. How do you budget when your wages haven’t risen in years but the price of food/fuel/fares continue to rise exponentially?

3. Why should those who have never been taught to budget (by schools, by lack of example at home) or their offspring be punished?

4. Why should we judge why anyone finds themselves in crisis rather than help them in that crisis and address the route causes?

End rant.

* we can always cut benefits because people are overweight…..almost started ranting again then….


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