Sunday Stuff 8/7/12

It’s been far too long since I managed a Sunday stuff update, and may well be a while before I do again!

This blog did start off as a running commentary of my life, starting formally just before I left my job almost three years ago. In that time I’ve got married and moved house twice. I started volunteering at my church a year and a bit ago. I’ve acting as their Communications Co-ordinator mainly overseeing event publicity and the website as well as a few day to day tasks. I’ve helped get our local foodbank off the ground and a just signed on the dotted line to hopefully become a Director of the One Can Trust when it becomes a company, the step before becoming a charity. A big thrill has been going back to University with the Westminster Theological Centre where I’m studying part time for a diploma in Kingdom Theology. I’m still a Tawny Owl at the best Brownie pack in the world and leading a Disciple group at church (which swelled to over 25 members for a while which took some managing, but we recently multiplied into three.) I completed a photography course in there somewhere too. So it has all been a bit mad!

And so, because I am a bit mad, I’m taking up a temporary part time job to help fill a gap  to help a place I love.  With homework already turning up for the second year of my diploma, a week camping at New Wine on the horizon and running the shop at our local kid’s Christian summer camp, I expect (nay, I shall be enforcing) less time for twittering and blogging. Please don’t disappear lovely friends, I suspect I will need a lot of support over the next few months.  The idea will be to do short and sweet updates, probably with requests for prayer!

(If you saw my post a while back about the 5 books I want to read over the summer, I’ve managed 2 and a bit, 2 others that weren’t on that list. I may now have to default back to course texts but they look yummy if a little bit more like textbooks than fiction!)

In the meantime, just to keep you going here are some articles and tweets I’ve found interesting! As always, by posting doesn’t mean I agree with every word therein, but means I think there might be stuff worth pondering (click on the title to go through the whole article.)

5 Suggestions for Self-Censorship (Blogs) by Digitalnun

The idea of self-censorship is alien to many. Freedom of speech is something we value, rightly so, but there are times when, as Benedict says, melius est silere quam loqui, it is better to be silent than to speak. Words are dangerous, slippery things. Once let out of the cage, they cannot be whistled back again; and while they are on the loose, they can do untold harm. When should we put a clamp over our mouths or a lock on our keyboards?

“Tolerate one another as I have tolerated you” by Joe Lenton at Musing, amusng, confusing

It is doubtful whether we can even claim to tolerate one another sometimes. Tolerance requires that we acknowledge that we disagree, but will still respect the other person’s view. (Note that contemporary society misses the meaning of tolerance, too – it means learning to live together despite disagreeing). This is not to say that there aren’t ideas and theological concepts worth standing up for. But, we do need to recognise and respect differing ideas on aspects of the faith and its practise – we cannot and should not make all Christians think and act the way we do.

‘I’m not singing this!’ by Sam Hailes at

“Christians don’t tell lies – they just go to church and sing them.” It’s a sentence that I put on my Facebook page yesterday. My non-Christian friends immediately assumed someone had hacked into my Facebook account and published it. The idea that I as a Christian would pass on such a quote was laughable to them. The truth is the words were not mine, but that of the legendary pastor and author A.W Tozer.

Top Tweets:

Fresh Expressions ‏@freshexpression: “Decisions about worship are to be shaped more by the church’s missionary calling than the congregation’s preferences”

Nicky Gumbel ‏@nickygumbel:  Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods. -C.S.Lewis

Billy Bragg ‏@billybragg:  Willing to concede that minority of benefit claimants game the system if Tories accept the vast majority are in genuine need of our support

Bible Students Say ‏@BibleStdntsSay:  “I feel this enhanced my understanding of Exodus, it also helped me to better understand Exodus” (You are an artist w/ words…& also words)

Peter Hyatt ‏@peterhyatt: “…a church addicted to security and safety is not the church of Jesus Christ; it is in reality something else.” – @alanhirsch

A few of my recent photos.

Twinkle in the garden

Bumblebee on Lavender

Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean

Bumblebee wings


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