Monday Stuff 4/6/12

A shorter set of offerings this week – enjoy and let me know what you think! This first article comes from some of the background work I’m doing for an essay on missional communities and social transformation. To use a horribly overused Christian phrase “it is challenging!”

Self-selection into situations and church by Bradley White

Is [this] homogeneity a good thing? On one hand, it provides a powerful mechanism for growth. Churches (or small groups or denominations) can probably grow best by targeting “types” of people. So, for instance, popular college ministries now offer different groups for students of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Likewise, I know of a mega-church that offers different services targeting different groups.

On the other hand, this homogeneity decreases our interactions with people who are different than us, and so we might miss out on some of the benefits of such across-group interactions.

Twitter Dynamos, Offering Word of God’s Love in the New York Times.

When a Twitter staff member set out to answer that question 10 months ago, he thought the answer would emerge among posts from N.B.A. players, politicians or actors. Instead, he found a mystery: a set of messages that were ricocheting around Twitter, being forwarded and responded to at a rate that was off the charts. “They were punching way above their weight,” said Robin Sloan, who discovered the anomaly but did not recognize the names behind the tweets.

Joyce MeyerMax Lucado and Andy Stanley were not well known inside Twitter’s offices. But they had all built loyal ranks of followers well beyond their social networks — they were evangelical Christian leaders whose inspirational messages of God’s love perform about 30 times as well as Twitter messages from pop culture powerhouses like Lady Gaga.

Tweets of the week:

@gtomlin (Graham Tomlin): “He welcomed them, spoke to them about the kingdom of God & healed those who needed to be cured” (Lk9) Not a bad agenda for a church?

@neilbennetts: Humility is not about lack of vision or courage but about how we posture ourselves before God and our fellow men.

@Crowdermusic (David Crowder):  Hey lady who just gave me the finger for honking at her in the parking lot, your groceries are on top of your car. #thankyouforthat

‏@themiltonjones: Surrounded by preserved vegetables in jars. It’s like Picalilli Circus round here.

Other stuff:

Do have a look at 40 of the “most powerful photographs ever taken”. I lost count of how many brought tears to my eyes….and then 60 of the “most unusable stock photographs” for a good giggle.

A great guide to how to be responsible and efficient in your tweeting from Reach Further.

And my favourite Pin from Pinterest. I’m a member there if you fancy seeing my boards:

Some people


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