Sunday Stuff 27/5/12

Weekly round up of interesting and thought-provoking articles and tweets. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Spirit of Pentecost by J R Daniel Kirk

On Pentecost, Peter declares, the day has come in which the wish of Moses is realized. There is no stinginess in the outpouring of the Spirit. Nor is it sequestered to one part of the community.

In particular, this passage in Joel emphasizes twice that the gift is not only for all the men of Israel, but for all the women as well. Not only sons, but daughters. Not only manservants, but maidservants.

In the past month I have seen both a button and a bumper sticker that read:

“If you’re not going to ordain women, stop baptizing them!”

The logic is impeccable.

Why Worship should be risky by Michael Gungor at Relevant Magazine

It would be naive to think our liturgy has not been affected by today’s culture of pop music singles. Our church services can become disconnected from a consistent story. Planning the worship service often becomes about finding the best four or five worship singles that will keep people engaged, and then a sermon is given that is separate from anything done in the service up to that point. It’s all about the hits.

The wrong image can be damaging for charities by Anna Taylor at Third Sector

It can be easy to forget that fundraising materials are an important lens through which the public views the world’s most pressing problems. Desperate images can leave a long-lasting perception of your charity’s beneficiaries as helpless victims, which sits uneasily with charity rhetoric on empowerment. Overuse of negative images can lead to the even more troubling impression that the situation is hopeless and it is better to turn off and not think about such distressing things.

Brothers, you are not Jewish Rabbis by Aaron Armstrong at Blogging Theologically

Your sermons should never be forty-five-minute morality lessons or best practices for living a better life. They should drive forward to the good news that King Jesus saves sinners through His life, death, and resurrection from the grave.

Tweets of the week:

@RobJacobs_:Are you planting the church you want instead of the church the people in that community need? Know The Need #knowtheneed#churchplanter

 ‏@merfymusic (John Murphy): My mate used to have a #Eurovision tape but it went wonky. He had to speed it up, and then he had to slow it down…

‏@brentonbrown :”If at first you don’t succeed try doing it the way your wife told you to do it”

@jonathanadean:  We judge others by their actions, and ourselves by our intentions. What would happen if we did the opposite?

@richjohnson:  There is a reason for the spiritual gift of encouragement… I’ve yet to meet someone who has been over-encouraged.

@JoyceMeyer: Don’t ever be too prideful to ask for help. Asking for help when you need it is the wisest thing you can do.

‏@dr_schlaven (David Ruis):  If you’re “being culturally relevant” but not authentic or it doesn’t ring true – much better to be culturally clumsy and at least “be real”



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