Sunday Stuff 6/5/12

It’s been another busy old week in between looking after my poorly mummy, a personal development plan review, work, work, work and life, life, life. So a shorter edition than usual but I must start with this for all West Wing fans: A public Service Announcement on the benefits of walking reunites the cast of the best show ever.

Where is the Church’s missing generation? New Media Centre of Excellence

The statistics are clear: they’re online. They’re on Facebook, on Twitter, checking their emails and browsing the web. In fact, one in three Brits spend between two and three hours a day using Facebook on their smartphones. We always talk about the missing generation being the 20s-30s in our churches, but it’s not just young people who are online – the thirty-plus demographic now represents almost half of all UK Facebook users.

When worship songs go blank from Jon Acuff

The title doesn’t do this justice…have a look at the discussion on this post too, with some insightful discussion on the role of a worship leader.

Say what you will about hymnals, they never went blank in the middle of a song. In between verses you never looked down and realized there were suddenly no words on the page. But that happens to worship songs sometimes.r

Equipment fails. A coffee is spilled in the soundbooth. A volunteer didn’t load all the slides. The worship leader went too fast with the song and got ahead of the person controlling the words. Any number of things can happen, but the result is always the same.

You look up to belt out the next verse of “Blessed Be Your Name” and you’ve got nothing. The screen is blank. There are no words. This has happened to me a number of times at church over the years and these are only 4 possible things you can do in the audience….Read on to find out what the 4 are.


Useful & interesting

First of all a big plug – we launched the website of our foodbank this week.  I’ve been working on this with my brother in law Matt Bowers who deserves lots of thanks and all the credit.  Hopefully having our own site, with all the info on our foodbank and other projects all in one place will raise the profile of the Trust.  Please stop by and have a look.

A brilliant tool:  Re-imagining church: new look for mission course from Fresh Expressions.

“Mission shaped intro helps people to reconnect with the communities they are called to serve and to re-imagine the forms of church that are needed for the 21st century. It takes you on a creative and reflective journey looking at the need for new ways of being church.”

1000words A great flash fiction site (I may be biased, my sister runs it!) IF you don’t know what flash fiction is, well no one can really define it. Loosely it is a short piece of original fiction, usually written in one sitting or over a very short period of time. The pieces on 1000words have all been inspired by images she pinned on Pinterest.  The entries are being uploaded during mat. I have been honoured to co-edit the submissions. Do have a look and enjoy some wonderful fiction.

Tweets of the week:

@Simonparke : Breaking election news: Now I’ve cleared up, I’ve gained two seats in my front room.

@gungormusic : I enjoy differences in opinion in church. It’s only there that unity exists. Otherwise it’s just uniformity. Still, some ideas are gross.

@billjohnsonBJM : God rewards all growth with pruning.

And another from Bill: Faith doesn’t deny a problems existence. It denies it a place of influence.

@beccyriley : Become part of an Possibility group rather than an Accountability group. Focus on life not on managing sin.

@BibleStdntsSay : “God is all about love and reconciliation. I hope people realize this before its too late and they burn in hell for all eternity.”


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