Sunday Stuff 29/04/12

These links and quotes are provided because in the last week they’ve amused, inspired, frustrated or confuddled me. I try not to offer too much comment on them, but sometimes I have a little rant to demonstrate a little of what emotion they’ve raised up in me. It would be fabulous if any of these offerings also moved you in anyway. If they do, let me know in the comments here or let the authors know on their pages!

Steve Baker MP: It’s time to denationalise marriage

It is tragic that this drive for equality before the law should so neglect the prime purpose of the law: to protect liberty. Far too often, gay people and Christians suffer mutual feelings of persecution. No one should suffer persecution or fear of persecution. People should be free to live as they see fit, provided they do not impinge on others. That includes not just the right to enter into loving relationships with whomsoever people choose, but also rights to freedom of conscience and religion.

The political class has apparently forgotten that toleration is not obedience to the ideas of an elite. It is the belief that one should not interfere with behaviour of which one disapproves. Toleration combines often profound disapproval with a refusal to impose a particular view. Toleration implies neither approval nor indifference nor relativism.

This blog is a little old now (well, March ’12), but I only came across it this week. Now this is what I am talking about in regard to the issue of gay ‘marriage’.  Steve Baker is my local MP and a Christian. If this is indicative of how he represents the view of his constituents and balances that with his faith, well, I may have to apologise for not voting for him! Thank you Steve (and sorry!)

Kony, Slactivism and Justice – Krish Kandiah

One of the key things the Kony video asked us to do was to “cover the night” on April 20th with a poster campaign aimed to help the world wake up to the name of Joseph Kony – the head of the LLA who has kidnapped, abused and killed thousands of children.  Sadly the reports are that the events that were organised around the world were poorly attended and that even on twitter there was a very little exposure for #kony2012.

Did you know about the above part of the StopKony2012 campaign? I didn’t which says something considering how much time I spend online. I am still unsettled by lots of details of this particular campaign but share some of Krish’s thoughts on how we can’t just write off online campaigns as slactivism. Very interesting blog inviting further discussion.

The Inflammatory Christ: Dorothy Sayers (Do we forget how controversial Christ was? A short powerful piece.)

You don’t need to blog about everything. Seriously. Stop. : Tentblogger (Publish or die? I don’t think so. Please aim for quality over quantity. )

Tweets of the week:

@Nickygumbel :’Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.’ Mother Teresa

@RejectApathy :”When you’ve experienced grace and you feel like you’ve been forgiven, you’re a lot more forgiving of other people.” : @RickWarren

@Alan_ Scott :The best way to have another encounter with God is to find someone who has never had an encounter with God and give them what you have.

Fun Stuff:

Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies  A funny little site helping us exposing logical fallacies: sneaky little tricks used by politicians and the media to fool us. This is great but should be used wisely!


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