Saturday Stuff 14/04/12

Some interesting bits from around the internet this week. If the quotes intrigue you, do check out the full articles, none of which are massively long 😉

From the always interesting Relevant Magazine, a great post “Hurt by the Church” by Michael Hidalgo

“What people don’t mean when they say “I have been hurt by the Church” is that a faceless organization has hurt them. What they really mean is that a person or group of people they associate with the Church has wounded them. As is often the case, to think or speak of their hurt in such personal terms stirs up painful emotion.

It is hard to talk about our wounds and say the names of our friends, pastors or mentors who have caused the pain. Sometimes it feels like death to say exactly what they have done to us. Each time we retell the story something inside us replays our experience that, in one way or another, told us that we were not needed or wanted”

“Jesus: Friend of Pharisees” from Students of Jesus

“Reading our rebellious ways into the ministry of Jesus is one of the dangers of our present age. We might assume he converted every sinner and condemned every priest. We might assume he ditched the synagogue for a day at the lake, or went to the Temple only to turn the tables. We might be surprised to discover that he loved his Father’s house, or considered the Law as sweet as honey, or longed to hear the prophets read week after week.”

“Why is the UK Church racially divided” by Krish Kandiah (with a little poll)

“Pastor Agu from Jesus House recently said in an interview with Christianity magazine that he believes in the future there will be no “Black majority churches” but instead multicultural churches. So what is stopping us at the moment from making this a reality at the moment?”

Other stuff from around the tinterwebs:

I’ve been looking about for discussions that give other view points on the Coalition for Marriage’s petition and their stance, and coming up with very little. Then the ever wonderful @stephenfry linked to this. If it didn’t make sweeping generalisations about the church acting as one, I might have signed it. But I still might, as it isn’t as if anyone in the church seems to be publically standing up and aligning themselves again C4M.  So just to be clear, I’m a Christian, and I haven’t signed it.

Oh and the Coalition for Equal Marriage site did make me chuckle in its brazenness.

BBC: Actor Vinnie Jones CPR heart advert cleared by watchdog

Apparently people complained that Vinne Jones wasn’t doing CPR correctly in a recent advertising campaign. Now I get the complainants were probably trying to ensure no one gets hurt and that the best methods are used, but do they really think this advert made it to air without being endorsed by at least one major First Aid organisation?  Personal plea – learn CPR. Don’t let quibbles over how many beats to how many breaths make you think you’ll get it wrong. There is no wrong…. Just do it.

Environment Agency on Drought

I could easily get on my high horse (again)  about the drought conditions and the illogical nonsense I hear from folk about the hose pipe ban being unnecessary. Just know this, if I see you using one, I’ll shop you! 😉

Tweets of the week:

@madeupstats: Facebook has bought Instagram. This values each sepia-toned picture of a hipster’s coffee cup at $40.

@JoyceMeyer : Don’t pray as a Christian and then live as a heathen. –Joyce  ( a bit of a no-brainer you’d think (and of course, I’ve not above reproach), but my giddy aunt, some of the unthinking re/tweets I’ve seen recently befuddled me. “#Christianpick uplines – you put the cute in persecuted”…Really?????)

@Markbailey_ : “Anyone ever tell you that you’ve got ‘big shoes’ to follow … Remember you’ve got your own shoes to wear” Mark


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