Saturday Stuff 31/3/12

Sorry posting has been sporadic again. I have been snowed under with study the past few weeks, although I got a pleasing mark on my essay on Mark! So straight to a rather shorter list than normal:

Andy’s Study: Why I’m not signing the Coalition for Marriage petition

“There is a problem that evangelical campaigning seems to be (to the average secular person) around two contradictory poles. On the one hand we are always asking for the freedom to do what we want (preach the gospel, wear crosses etc) and on the other hand we are always campaigning for other people not to be able to do what they want – here get married if they are gay…..Whilst we may have (and many Christians do have) a sophisticated and intellectually persuasive philosophy to justify this it’s hardly surprising if most people think we are just looking out for our own patch.”

This petition came to my attention a few weeks back. I have barely seen a word giving an opinion which isn’t proclaiming ‘all people who consider themselves Christian must sign it.’  I have to say, I’m with Andy on this one, for the reasons he gives plus some more. It is important for the Church to be united. It is just as important for me to be informed about issues as important and complex as this one and not be judged for having actually formed thoughts by my own meditations and research on the subject, which unfortunately happened!

Other stuff:

I can’t wait for this year’s Greenbelt Festival. I really enjoy the diversity of acts, groups, writers, polticians, philosophers, actors….who come together to drive real social change. One can’t fail to leave Greenbelt unchallenged and unchanged. The line up is looking fantastic – Tom Wright, Shane Clairborne, Seth Lakeman to name but three.

Also, incredibly generously, Greenbelt are giving away their rich and diverse back-catalogue of talks. I have indulged in talks by Bishop Graham Cray, Rob Bell and Shane Clairborne. Everything pre-2010 is free; Unbelievable.

Fave Tweets:

@davidgate: Every time a worship leader RT’s a compliment about themselves, their church or their ministry, I stab a squirrel in the eye. Repeatedly.

@neilbennetts: When someone Tweets ‘best worship for a long time’ what do they mean?

@markstibbe: The church was never meant to be a community of settlers led by pastor teachers. It was called to be a movement of pioneers led by apostles


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