Mixed Bag

This week has been a mixed bag; I’ve not been very well with a weird fever/light headed/exhausted thing which seems really bad in the mornings. I’ve been snowed under with all sorts of things and busy every evening albeit in very nice ways. I’ve been Swishing at Church, attending the Marriage Course, organising Brownies & Disciple Group and had a grand evening eating home-cooked curry and cheesecake (not at the same time) with friends.

Wedding planning continues and yet more prayers have been answered. On top of the miraculous help I mentioned in my last post, we’ve saved loads on potential decorations having sourced exactly what we wanted to spruce up the venue locally and for free!

We found a lovely budget cottage for a few days away directly after the wedding. No, I’m not saying where but I was dead chuffed at the price we got for a short break so close to Christmas.

I made us a strict calendar of what we need to do and when so that we don’t end up getting in money trouble in any given month. More importantly, I have to be fixed on what we want to buy or we’ll buy things we will end up not using because we change our minds/find better offers and that is the way the cost of a wedding can creep up.  But I also know when to slide off the calendar and take advantage of a bargain! So this week my shoes arrived and a few pieces of jewellery have been bought, all for much less than I had budgeted having shopped online and taking advantage of sales and offers.

I found loads of great tips on Cheap Wedding Success and found comrades in arms who don’t believe you have to spend a fortune, to have a lovely, memorable day.

Also, something good may be happening on the income front. I am going to see a company next week who specialise in family portraits to see if they’d like me to do some paid, ad hoc, part time work manning their stalls at supermarkets/shopping centres/events. If it goes well could be a nice, flexible way to bring in some pennies while allowing me to continue being available for the church and foodbank.

So if you see me smiling and trying to hand you a leaflet in the near future, be sweet and take one!


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