Rob and I got engaged! He asked me on a bright, windy day in the Chiltern Hills, the same spot where he told me he loved me the first time.  I said yes, squealed a lot, cried quite a bit, then we went and had ice lollies to celebrate while we showed off my ring to the cows who were roaming free looking for a piece of the action.

You may all barf now.
Everyone still with me? Good.
So of course now my life is mainly going to revolve around organising the wedding, which we have approx. 6 months to do. Date is confirmed, but we’re just fine tuning a few bits before we announce it.  I’m definitely going to blog about the planning process and all the ups and downs it will naturally bring, in no small part because I’ve already found a lot of personal blogs incredibly helpful and reassuring in starting planning my own.
A few other things to update everyone on. I’m going to be officially working part time for my church, unpaid, to sort out some communications strategies and to assist our Community Support Worker, who also happens to be the vicar’s wife, mum of 3 and a lovely lady. I’m really excited to have a formal role, with a job description, which means I can use my skills and widen my knowledge and understanding of the workings of the church.  I know, through being on PCC and just being involved in a few bits and bobs that the leadership team need the assistance and I can do that!
I’m also helping my good friend Sarah in the organisation of the One Can Trust – a community based charity aiming to help those in crisis in our town. The first branch of the trust is a food-bank. The idea is everyone brings ‘one can’ along to our church every Sunday and this goes in a bank where from the food is distributed to those in need, referred to us usually by health workers, Sure Start, surgeries in the local area. There are so many amazing ‘God Stories’ to tell already about this amazing venture and I’ll dedicate a blog to it in the near future.
So where does paid work fit in all of this? We have a wedding to pay for you know! Well seeking a paid role is still on the table, I’ve even applied for a few positions but apparently I’m too qualified for a retail assistant position. I wanted something that would be regular, discrete, fun and a challenge, but something I can leave at the door and is parcelled nicely so I can really concentrate on the volunteer work. Not much to ask at such times I know!
I am considering that this may all be part of my ongoing ‘rely on God’ rather than ‘rely on earthly things’ lesson.  I trust that the opportunities I am having in the church work, in studying, in becoming involved in the charity, in being more available for friends and family, can only be a good thing and so come from Him. The bank statement may tell a superficially different story and I recognise I am still living on the grace and goodwill of my mother and fiancé (whoop).  But he’ll be my hubby soon enough and we want to support each other in doing His will rather than our own.
So, please stick with me during what will probably be a wild ride organising the Stanley/Samuel nuptials and celebrations. And as I rebalance my life, again, to include part time work.

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