My lent thing #2

My Lent thing #2

Told you I wouldn’t do 40 of these challenges, however I have today ticked one more off the list.
I have been making an list of labels that I have stuck on myself, or been stuck with. I was expecting most to be behavioural – things I think I can’t do.  I was bowled over by how many were physical – about how I look and feel about that. I honestly didn’t think of myself as affected by social stereotypes and body image matters. I know I’m blessed with my health, metabolism and I know beauty really is only skin deep. I’m the one in my family without allergies, I’m the only one never to wear specs, I don’t have to try at all to keep my weight in the healthy range and can pretty much eat what I like. But this exercise has revealed a lot about vanity and shaky self esteem.
After meeting the lovely Stacey for lunch in town, I finally got my hair cut, which the lovely Rob promised to pay for as a birthday treat. And afterwards, in that warm glow of having got one treat effectively for free(!) I bobbled over to House of Fraser to buy a concealer from Clinique. I really can’t justify £15 on a bit of make up in this economically stretching time but…..
On arriving at  Clinique I found they were doing a free (if you’re buying something) lip/eye treat whereby they give you a mini make up or lipstick makeover and you get a free lippy or masacara. Yay for free stuff.
How does this fit into the Lent thing? Well the label to be removed is that I have a “massive bottom lip” J Apparently it is perfect for tripping over when I am petulantly sticking it out, perfect for wobbling when I want something and even more so when I am upset.
Rob says I’m silly about it but he is biased! This isn’t the “please everyone tell me I’m pretty” post, but it is a feature I am conscious of and that is why it fits into my Lent thing. I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve worn lipstick in the last 10 years. I’m not a big make up person anyway, but if a reason to posh-up comes along, I’ll over do the eyes to not draw attention to the lips.
And what is weird is, as mentioned above, is that I thought I was fairly above all these silly body image issues. Apparently not. So anyway, picture included of lippied lips…and I’m going to have a think and identify any more of these particular type of labels.

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